Real Life Round-up: Bloggers Share What It’s Really Like to Live with a Chronic Condition

REAL LIFE ROUND-UP: BLOGGERS SHARE WHAT IT'S REALLY LIKE TO LIVE WITH A CHRONIC CONDITIONLife with a chronic condition is a kind of quiet extreme. Often, you’ll find us resting at home, surrounded by blankets, pillows, heating pads, tea cups, pill bottles, furry friends and a tablet or tv. It may seem like a quiet kind of life, but it’s actually a constant breath-taking roller-coaster. Internally, physical symptoms of pain, fatigue, and zillion other things are in a constant state of flux. Emotionally, we react to the confusion in our bodies and the dramatic changes to our lives. An incredible strength is forged by waking up each day and trying again to not only survive, but live.

This past week, my endometriosis pain continued to worsen, with weeks yet to go on my post-laparoscopy consult. My back spasmed. I had a few dark 3 am moments of wondering if I will ever find answers or solutions. At the same time, I had a really freeing realization about my internal critic. I’m always after myself to be more productive, equating self-worth to overachieving. I listened to a meditation about radical self-acceptance. What if your internal critic became your chief encourager? I’m trying to be much more mindful of those internal criticisms- and challenging my internal critic to be kinder and more encouraging. It feels like a load off my back. Every time I grow as person because of my chronic illness experiences, it feels like a silver lining to all the difficulties.

Here is a round-up of fantastic blog posts about real life with chronic conditions – the unfiltered truth about the challenges of this life and the ways that these bloggers have found to live better despite the obstacles!


Brainless Blogger Understanding and Being There is all about the misconceptions normal folks have about chronic pain but also encourages #spoonies to be patient with their family/friends as long as they try to be there for us & to understand our reality.

Color me lyme Words for the Chronically Ill Patience. Never Give Up! Believe. This post talks about how these affirming words can help on the illness journey. “This doesn’t mean we should corral our drive or initiative…[but] there are times when we have no choice but to let PATIENCE – and faith – take the lead.   (Easier said than done, right?!)”

Damsel in a dress. Why I talk openly about being sick. A powerful and humorous advocacy piece on challenging the stigma of invisible illness. “I sat back and realized that my illness has taken a lot from me, but there is one thing it has given me: a voice. I knew I had to unapologetically talk about my illness because being sick isn’t something I should have to apologize for.”

Invisible Warrior Minding the Pain A thoughtful post on using meditation to manage pain, especially if the pain is always with you. In order to break the pain cycle, we need to learn how to understand and work with the pain and our reactions to it. I really like the list of guided meditations at the end, using the awesome Insight Timer app

Let’s Feel Better The Determined Weeper A funny take on the emotional and physical side-effects of changing medications. I completely relate to being in a “chemical stew” as you come off a medication in order to try to get pregnant.

Being Lydia Is it all in my head Ever wished a test result would be positive? Then you probably have a chronic illness that constantly tests negative…over and over and over in your search for answers.






7 thoughts on “Real Life Round-up: Bloggers Share What It’s Really Like to Live with a Chronic Condition

  1. Invisibly Me says:

    A wonderful round-up of other posts. I love how you are challenging your “internal critic to be kinder and more encouraging”, that’s definitely something I need to work at more regularly.x

    • Katarina Zulak says:

      Thanks so much for your comment! It seems like everyone, but especially ‘spoonies’, are hard on themselves. It’s a challenge when we live in a world where self-care isn’t prioritized or considered ‘productive’. But I’m trying to unlearn those habits to push through and ignore the messages from my body that it needs to rest and relax. I think it would be a good topic for post all by itself – thanks for the inspiration! x

  2. Terry Mayfield 💚 The Blathering Lymie says:

    What a lovely surprise! Katarina, you have made what has been a rather miserable day (due to heightened symptoms) so much brighter. Thank you! I am so appreciative and thankful to have been included with these wonderful bloggers. My little blathering blog has been a way for me to simply share thoughts while coping with my chronic illness. I have had great hopes of being able to reach out to others along my journey. Thank you, again, for mentioning me in this post. I will be adding you to my prayers, as I am all too familiar with the painful journey Endometriosis can bring. Wishing you all the best!💚✨-Terry

    • Katarina Zulak says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words! I couldn’t agree more that connecting to the community of chronic illness bloggers and tweeters and all is a wonderful source of support and learning about how to cope with the challenges of the ‘chronic life’. I’m so glad to have connected with you and I look forward to reading your writing in the future! Best to you 🙂

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