The Little Engine that Could: My Intentions this Week #HAWMC Prompt


I think I can…join in the WeGo writers’ challenge to post daily for the rest of the month!

I think I can…renew my meditation practice after getting off track because of a flare.

I think I can… write a new article this week on the power of beginning again when you live with chronic illness.

I think I can…try going dairy and gluten free for November to see if it helps reduce my endometriosis pain.

I think I can…finally get through the US election and never look back!

I think I can…recover from a neck spasm so I can get back to calligraphy and make my Christmas cards for the first time!

I think I can … make it out to see old friends in the next week.

I think I can … be grateful for the good things and experiences in my day- to-day life, despite the challenges of chronic pain and illness.

I know I can … catch up on my new and returning fall shows (my weekly cryfest This Is Us, quirky Sherlock mysteries on Elementary, and political Aussie thriller the Code).

I know I can… be aware of my self-talk. Challenge negative judgements about my ‘productivity’ and validate the importance of self-care.

I know I can… spoil my cat Lily. (No more than she deserves, as she would tell you).

I know I can … stick to my morning routine of stretching, meditating and eating superfood seeds.

I know I can…get out for a walk, most days of the week.

Thanks for the prompt, WeGo! It helps me feel positive to write out all these intentions, even though I have fatigue and brainfog today.

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