Exercise DVDs for FM You Can Actually Do!

If you have fibromyalgia, you may be tired of reading all about how exercise will improve your quality of life.

There are zillions of articles on the internet citing studies that demonstrate how moderate exercise reduces pain and improves other FM symptoms. I don’t know about you, but the last time I went to try a yoga class, I spent the next three days in bed from a major flare up. Or the last time I jogged to catch a bus, walked in the snow, or did anything else remotely aerobic – it didn’t turn out so well.

So how exactly are we supposed to get this exercise, in a way that improves our FM, instead of triggering it? Previously I wrote about a tai chi dvd for arthritis with Dr. Lam, which is very gentle, yet therapeutic. However, sometimes you need several options to entice you into a work-out! Recently, I came across an excellent resource for FM exercise DVDS at www.myalgia.com. They are produced by the Fibromyalgia Information Foundation, a non-profit run by doctors and researchers at the Oregon Health and Science University. This means that all the exercise routines are designed by reputable instructors and approved by FM medical specialists from the University.

There are 4 DVDs in total: Yoga and Pilates, Stretching and Relaxation, Strength and Balance, and Aerobic Exercises. Here is the best part – along with the instructor, each video includes three FM patients demonstrating the movements. Each patient follows a program at a different level of difficulty, with modifications for more severely affected patients, to ‘medium’, to ‘advanced’ movements. I have tried the Yoga and Pilates DVD and really enjoyed it. 1 can pick which ‘level’ to do based on how I feel. Over time, I can feel myself improving and following the more ‘advanced’ level program more often. I hope to move up to the strength DVD. I previewed it – it is older than the Yoga DVD and has awesomely cheesy music! If you are looking for an at-home exercise routine (maybe to fulfill your New Year’s Resolution for 2015), I highly recommend these DVDS. They are reasonably priced and thoughtfully produced for FM patients.

* Please note this is an independent review, and I have no affiliation with the organization.

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