Real Health News: A Review of the New Life Outlook Browser Extension

Although I am a paid contributor for New Life Outlook, the views expressed in this review are entirely my own.

For the past six months I have written articles about fibromyalgia and chronic pain for the health website New Life Outlook. NLO is an online hub for people living with chronic conditions, featuring informative articles and online discussion communities.  Now they’re launching a Chrome browser extension, called NewTab, to help connect patients to online health resources.


I recently tried out this browser extension.  Based on my experience, I think it is a useful tool for people who want to be better informed about their specific chronic condition, as well as knowledgeable about how improve their overall health.


The NLO browser extension has several features, which you can customize for your specific illness. When you click on the NLO icon, you are taken to a web navigation tool with three functions.

  • First, you can scroll through recent NLO articles about your specific health condition and share them to Facebook, Pinterest, and by e-mail. You can also ‘like’ an article if you want to be able to find it later.
  • Second, after selecting your favorite health news sites (like Medical News Today, WebMD and Healthline) and mainstream media websites (like CNN, Fox and NBC), you can scroll through recent headlines in a news feed. When you customize these sites, you will be offered health sites that have specific pages for you chronic condition (ex. Science Daily Fibromyalgia News).
  • Third, NLO shares a stream of Pinterest-worthy inspirational quotes and memes about living with chronic illness. This function helps patients share humor and daily truths about the realities of life with a chronic condition.


The NLO browser extension has a search function that uses Yahoo search capabilities.  It also has a to-do list function, where you can list upcoming tasks you need to remember. If you are interested, here is a walk-through of how to set-up the browser extension:

Taken altogether I think that the NLO browser extension can help people living with chronic illness find “Real News” from reliable sources about their health and other general topics.  This is important in the wild west of the internet, where there are so many “Fake News” sites.  Reliable information is especially important when it comes to your health – inaccurate information is not only potentially harmful, but could be part of a treatment scam.

This browser extension is also a great resource for health bloggers looking for articles and inspiration to share with their followers. It can be overwhelming to individually search out dozens of websites to find recent articles, trending topics or funny memes.

The NLO browser extension is available in on Chrome web store. I encourage you to check it out!