E-book: Forget Exercise! A Gentle Guide to Moving More

ebookThere seems to be a persistent belief that if fibromyalgia patients would only get off the couch and exercise, their symptoms would miraculously melt away. This perspective permeates the health care field, from articles on managing fibromyalgia to advice from your ‘helpful’ specialist.

I think we need a paradigm shift in how we view physical activity and fibromyalgia. Consider what we mean when we talk about ‘exercise’.  Usually, it’s defined as a routine program of physical activity to improve fitness. We associate working out with breaking a sweat, feeling our heart pumping and our muscles burning. It’s something you have to push yourself through.

The conventional wisdom gives us a false choice between “exercising” and being “sedentary”.  For the vast majority of us, it seems obvious that we can’t “exercise”,  so we resign ourselves to being those much-criticized coach potatoes. Based on my experience living with fibromyalgia for five years, I think there is a third way- focusing on movement.

What if you forgot about exercise and tried  ‘moving more’? Movement has been shown to improve fibromyalgia symptoms, but it doesn’t need to look or feel like “exercise”. This e-book provides a gentle guide on how you can move more and improve your fibromyalgia symptoms without triggering a flare-up. It includes:

  • how I learned to move more during my 5 year fibromyalgia journey
  • a comprehensive list of tried and tested resources
  • research & recommendations from top FM experts

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