Daily Treatments

Mainstream medical:
Tramadol (long acting tramadol) 200 mg – helps most  with pain
Lyrica (pregabalin)150 mg 2x daily – helps me most for hyper-nervous system issues like tingling, anxiety, temperature issues
Doxepin (Silenor) 6mg – for sleep

D-ribose 5 g in AM for energy

CoQ10 and L carnitine 50 mg each for energy,


Probiotic – 10 billion for gut support

Vit D for pain

Melatonin 6 mg (time release) for sleep

L-theanine for relaxation to fall asleep

5-htp 50mg for sleep

Proteolytic enzyme serrapeptase for pain



DHEA 5mg, 3x per week

Vitamin C 500-1000

Licorice 200-400 mg (occasionally for severe fatigue)

Vit B5 pantothenic acid 250 mg

L-glutamine for gut support

Relora– bedtime for sleep and anxiety


Physical therapy:

A.m. and p.m stretches for back pain
Cat and cow yoga pose 5 x
Child’s pose
Knees to chest (on back)
Keyhole piriformis stretch (ankle to opposite knee and pull) each side

Stretches for neck and shoulder pain (occasional)
Forward head tilt
Ear to shoulder tilt both sides
Forward neck rolls 5x each way
Backward arm circles 10x both sides
Shoulder  stretch (pull elbow across chest) both sides

Gentle Qi Gong and/or Yoga/pilates 3-4x per week
Mindfulness meditation 3-4 x per week
Walking 20 min/day



6 thoughts on “Daily Treatments

  1. deniseb says:

    Thanks so much for the D-Ribose info. Oddly, though I’ve worked in the holistic health world for years, I never heard about the use of this supplement for energy for the chronically fatigued, fibromyalgic, ATP starved! I’ve only been using it for a day and a half and already feel a bit of increase in energy. Which is awesome since I was becoming bed-ridden several hours each day, again. 😦 I’m very appreciative of your blog. Very informative.

    • Katarina says:

      Thanks for stopping by and reading! I’m so glad that it’s helping your fatigue. I read about it in a book and website by Dr. Teitelbaum, if you are looking for any more info about it. With this condition it seems to take so much research and trial and error to find out what works, which is why I started a blog to share what works for me.

  2. Endo Alien says:

    I’ve just been prescribed vit d recently as I was low and noticed when I take it improved the arm and leg pains I’ve been getting for the last 4 years. I stopped and it swiftly came back so I’m back to it. Definitely fab. I didn’t know it was a thing until trying. I also use yoga for the pain. This is a really interesting breakdown too. I’ll try the regular ones for my back when physio has it back in shape.

    Thanks for the info:)

  3. Michelle says:

    So we find information about fibromyalgia starting in the hands but what now? Whats the treatment plan? How do you test for any of that? I have been trying to find that out. Also I am on amnitriptoline, thats my main one. Seems to working ok, I really do need some pick me up and go. I may try a few that you have mentioned. 🙂 THANKS!

  4. Lori says:

    I’m curious to ask others… does anyone have pain or weakness in legs often. Because of my leg fatigue and pain , I often question if it’s fibromyalgia related or something else.. usually occurs at the en dog my day usually around dinner as I’ve been active all day. Also stiffness in the morning which I know is normal.

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